Photographs are protection of copyright laws and considered artistic/intellectual property.

Photographs remain property of the photographer, and the copyright holder. The Copyright holder has the right to license their use.The fees charged for reproduction are based upon how widely and how often the photographs are to be used.
The dollar amount is also commensurate with the profit that the user will realize with their use.

 The photographer owns the photographs after the shoot, but licenses their use to the designer with some restrictions.
Without additional fees, a designer may use the photographs in portfolios, on their company website, for presentations, and for general company promotion. Submission to design competitions or to publications are also allowed.

 The usage rights and licensing fee are usually discussed prior of the shoot and then specified in contract and or invoice.
Licenses is granted un full payment of the invoice.

Most reputable publications understand copyright and provide the photographer a fee for the use of their photos.
Contractors and Manufactures often ask architects and designers for the images. Have them contact the photographer directly for a license agreement. It is upon the potential user to clear the usage rights before any publication.

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